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Friday, October 17, 2008

Please pray

My mother-in-law is doing really bad. I mentioned before that she was off chemo and on hospice care. I guess she hasn't even gotten out of bed the last 2 days; doesn't even feel good enough to sit up in bed. It sounds like it won't be long. I cannot even begin to describe how sad I am. Or even think about it, really... 3+ years to prepare for this, 1+ of which we've been sure we needed to... And I just want to scream. And cry. And she's not even my mama... Anyway, please pray for her comfort and peace, and for her eternal soul to be with God where we all know she belongs. And for peace and strength for her husband and kids and grandkids and siblings (and in-laws).

There is a recent picture of her (and a bunch of the kids' cousins) from last weekend on Aunt Sharon's blog.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

You are all in our prayers here. Brings back memories of my Dad's last days :(