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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rant: sick

'Tis the season and illness abounds here. Katie caught a cold and Sammy a stomach virus last Sunday or Monday. They traded on Wednesday, and each held onto the second illness longer. Katie's diapers are still, well... not something you'd ever want to read about. Let's just leave it at that. Sammy's cough is still lingering. We've missed 2 weeks of music class and preschool now.

I caught the stomach virus Saturday night. The Daddy on Monday. Thought I was better yesterday, ate some real food, then spent all afternoon gassy & bloated beyond description (how do you tell when your stomach is distended when you are 6+m pg???) and unable to bend over or move much. Woke up a ton last night in lots of pain. (Kept dreaming it was labor pains.) A hot bath helped, but only while I was in the water. All that finally resolved itself about 4 a.m. I feel better now but will be much more careful about what I eat today!

The Daddy started with the bathroom trips shortly after I stopped. And he still went to work today. I don't know how he can work if he feels as bad as I do. God bless him for having such an overwhelming desire to take care of us even when he feels terrible!

I wish I could just lie on the couch and rest but the mountains of dirty dishes and laundry and yesterday's yucky diapers and the fact that I can't find my floor or tabletops or countertops are all making me feel 1000x worse. Not that I could bend over or do anything about it yesterday. It is just so very discourgaing that EVERY TIME I get almost caught up on keeping things picked up, something happens and it is worse than the last time I started cleaning up. I am about ready to go hide in a hole indefinitely. And empty hole with no clutter and no mess.

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