My how time flies!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Sunday evening we had dinner at Kerry and Mike's house. To entertain the kids while we played cards, we put on Noggin. There were a bunch of goldfish crackers in a little red bowl on the kids' table, that Katie kept bringing to the living room with her. After the third time of me reminding her that the bowl of crackers needed to stay in the kitchen, she brought the bowl back to the table, and proceeded to pull every goldfish out of it and stuff them into her hand, and in the crook of her arm, which she held against her body to keep the goldfish from falling. Then she went back to the living room so she could still watch Blue's Clues with Zachary AND still eat her goldfish.

I really should have clarified what I meant, but I couldn't stop laughing! This is definitely my child! We are going to have to work extra-hard on helping her form her conscience, or we are going to be in for some BIG trouble later!!!

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