My how time flies!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Katie owns everything

At least, that's what she thinks. If she sees something she likes, it's "Mys!" If Sammy has something she wants, it's "No, MYs!!!" Every time Sammy asks to nurse (which amazingly is a LOT less these days) she says, "No, MY nurse!!!"

This started (at least on a verbal level) about a week or two ago. Sammy got a backbone about 4 days ago, so now at least 12 times an hour I have to go stop the ever-loudening tyrade of "Mys!" "No, Mys!" "No, Mys!" "No, Mys!" "No, Mys!" "No, MYYYYYS!" and remind them that "We share." and show them how to. (I also think it's hysterical that while I'm pretty sure Sammy knows the word "mine," he says "mys" like Katie while they're trying to rip whatever it is out of each others' hands. Does he think she knows how to talk better than he does??? Is he trying to talk to her on her level to make sure she understands???)

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