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Monday, February 14, 2011

Adventures in Organizing, Part 4

Master bathroom. Once a messy jumble of forgotten toiletries, carpeted with dirty clothes who couldn't find their basket. Today, a retreat haven. (If you can ignore the messy master bedroom in the mirror.)

(this was actually a pretty good day, compared to how it looked before the recent purge)


Hubby's cabinet. Not much stuff in it since he's not currently here. Actually, that's not true. Even when he's here, almost all of his bathroom stuff fits neatly inside his dock kit. Now, this cabinet is housing the bathroom tissues (we always need a tissue box within reach in this house!), space heater (which we use on cold nights), and a box of his bathroom things to go through/purge when he gets home.

My cabinet. Pretty uncluttered before, really, (probably because everything lived on top of the cabinet!) but now virtually empty. Houses extra towels (we pared down to 2 towels per person long ago), kid bath stuff, and my makeup/travel bag.

The drawer. I had it organized, once upon a time, but curious little fingers worked hard to undo that. ;) But it's all fixed, now! (Empty basket for kids' tooth flossers when I find them again.)

One of the big drawbacks of this bathroom is there is no high-up storage. Not really a problem for two kidless people, which we were when we bough this house. Big problem for attachment-parents of a two year old who will help himself to the flavored toothpaste every chance he gets. The cheap solution - hang a suction cup basket up high.

Towels currently being used (typically the same ones over and over) live on hooks. (No change, here.) The kids' towels live in our bathroom because their bathroom is too small for me to get into to bathe them. And our bathtub is big enough to fit all 3 at once.

My personal shower stuff lives in another suction-cup basket at the back of the shower. Since I've switched to natural/homemade toiletries, this basket is a lot less cluttered! Hubby's things live along the window ledge and/or in the built-in cubby at the front of the shower. (Sorry, no photo.)

The "Toilet room." I have a love/hate relationship with this room. I've mentioned before that I have claustrophobic tendencies. So I rarely close the door when I'm in here. But sometimes (like when I'm sick) it is nice to be able to close the door and have a little privacy.

Unlike the closet, I mostly really love my bathroom. My biggest complaint about it is its lack of appropriate storage for feminine hygiene products. (Well that and the brownish-pink accent tiles in the shower.) There is no place for storage in the toilet room, which is where I think they need to be kept. And remembering to grab something from the cabinet under the sink BEFORE I sat down was always difficult for me. The solution I came up with was another pocket organizer (like the one in the coat closet) for the back of the toilet room door. There is also a basket of rarely-used but still-wanted bathroom things (e.g. curling irons, nail polish, hair spray) which used to live under the cabinet or in the hall closet, but will soon live in the high pockets of the same organizer.

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