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Friday, February 11, 2011

Adventures in Organizing, Part 3

This closet didn't look too bad before, or so I thought. But it is much neater now, and reorganized to be more kid-unfriendly (for the things like cleaners and medicines which need to be kid-unfriendly, I mean).

Top row: medicines, first-aid, bandages, etc.
2nd row: cleaning supplies & hair trimmer
3rd row: "Bathroom Store" - Extra things for when we run out (toothpaste, tissues, cotton swabs, ...)
4th row: "Baby" row - Basket of baby-care stuff. (Temporarily home to 2 bags of give-aways, but after that stuff is gone, cloth diapers will go on this shelf.)
5th row: Extra linens
Bottom: Extra blankets, and humidifiers when not in use
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