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Monday, August 03, 2009

I need help with composting

I am tired of putting perfectly useable fertilizer down the garbage disposal. But I am not exactly sure where to start. Our neighborhood nazis have strict rules against offensive smells emanating from peoples' properties, so I need something that is pretty well enclosed to hold our compost. I'd like something that doesn't require us to go out and turn the compost over with a shovel every couple of days. And also something that makes it fairly easy to get the "finished" compost out without digging through all the muck at the top. And something that reasonably inexpensive. Does such a thing exist?

Also, I need a good list of what can/cannot go into our compost. I know meats are not supposed to go in. I know soft fruit peelings can. What about tough things like avacado or banana peelings? I know the coffee grounds can, but what about the filters? Are newspapers OK or not OK? (not that we subscribe to the paper, but these things are good to know...) What about things that have gone bad (like the moldy strawberries that are in my fridge right now)? Or flowers that once decorated our table but are now wilty and sad. Grass clippings from the mowed lawn? Leaves from pruned trees and bushes?

What kind of composting are you doing, and what advice can you give me?


Michael said...

Here is a great list of things you can put into a compost bin:

Also, check out for some DIY compost bins.

I hope that helps

Misty said...

I think you saw our compost bin when you's just four wooden posts with some plastic net zip tied around it. I do turn it about twice per month with a pitchfork. I don't think it smells at all...maybe slightly right after turning for an hour or so. We put everything from our kitchen and garden into it...except meat, oils, fats. Citrus makes it smellier. But yes, those fruits int the fridge, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags. We don't do newspapers, we recycle those. Happy composting!