My how time flies!

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Found some pictures I love!

These poor things, and 1082 of their siblings, have been held hostage in my camera for something like 2 months now. I finally got them downloaded and organized into their proper folders tonight.

Here are some that I couldn't help but share:

Every once in a leap year blue moon, I take the perfect picture. One that no matter what digital enhancements I try to do to it, I just plain like the original better. This photo of Katie at a friend's birthday party is one of them.

One day in June I was crazy enough to think I could handle 3 children alone at the zoo. We had a really fun time. Here is Sammy eating his apple on a rock he climbed on all by himself. It's not a perfect photo, with the other zoogoers in the background, but it is a perfect reminder of an awesome day!

I don't even remember taking this one, but, oh! It takes my breath away AND melts my heart.

Babywearing at it's finest! Frazzled mom with fussy baby, desperate to get something done, attaches him to her back, and Voila! Super-happy baby and a getting things done mom!
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