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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crowning Our Lady

One of the moms from the homeschooling community arranged a crowning of Mary at one of our local churches on Tuesday. I had volunteered to take pictures for it. Unfortunately, I was not on my best photography game that day. I had forgotten that I'd removed my faster lens from the camera bag to pack the video camera in it on our last trip south. So my photos were either too dark, or blurry, or I had to use a flash to make sure I got the shot. I had to do a lot more digital doctoring on this set than I like to do after a job.

I also had to contend with two fussy, and eventually hungry, toddlers and try to keep them from being too disruptive during Mass. While I was taking photos.

Sammy was so cute. During the practice round of walking up to give a flower to Mary, he left his up there with her. Did exactly what he was supposed to do! And was proud of himself for it. This left him without a flower for the real thing, though. We managed to find him another, and shortly after he got it, he went back into the church and brought Mary that flower, too. He was soooo proud of himself! I didn't have the heart to tell him he was supposed to wait and go with the group.

One of the big girls, Cat, held Katie's hand and walked with her. It was super-nice of her to offer to do that, which she did when she saw that I was busy with the camera.

These were my two favorite photos from the day:

(There are lots more photos in my online album. PM me if you'd like the URL to see them.)

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