My how time flies!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Love the X!

Last time we were at her house, Grammy gave us a Xyron sticker maker.

We had a good time with it yesterday making these Diego stickers.

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Kerry said...

I love that one too. I have the 250 (2 1/2 inch wide) and really think I want the 900 that laminates too. You've got that one, right?

Mathochist said...

I do have the 900. LOVE IT! We were in Hobby Lobby picking up a refill for it yesterday (40% off 1 item coupon on their website this week) and Sammy saw the 250 and said, "Mom, I need one of _those_!" I think he said that because it was like mine (900) but his size. Luckily I was able to convince him that 2 sticker makers were enough! ;)

Mathochist said...

P.S. The 900 is what I use to make their file folder games - both to laminate the game pieces, and to put sticky on the pieces that go in the folder. I have to use the hot laminator and the menu-sized pouches to laminate the folder, though. The 900 isn't wide enough for that.