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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Katie's Birthday Party

Our newest friends, 2.5 week old Anna and Jacob

I intended for this to be an "art party," but all our guests decided our toys were more fun than painting or Play-Doh.

Above: Adam and Dougie, playing with our new garage sale find. Below: Jeremy and Adam playing with our Diego Rescue Center, and Sammy playing with our new Little People Noah's Ark, that he's been waiting for us to open for 6 weeks now. (It wasn't as well hidden on the high shelf in our garage as my brother would have supposed.)

Katie herself chose "tup-takes" over a cake. She wanted "nana tup-takes" but we made vanilla instead. Daddy found a mix at Wild Oats/Whole Foods that didn't have any of our allergens in it. We also tried a new egg substitute powder instead of substituting our usual applesauce. We used sprinkles and Teddy Grahams to decorate them. Nobody complained about them, so I guess they were OK.

More pics of our new friends.

Opening gifts. Sammy had to help. Until he found one he wanted to play with (a WordWorld "Things That Go" Magnetic play set), and disappeared with it.

MawMaw and PawPaw gave her a bubble-maker. It's pretty cool - it occasionally makes smaller bubbles inside of a big one. It was a HUGE hit. Everyone was running around shouting "Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!"

After the party, we had burgers, dogs, and brats. Zachary, who was having a late nap during our party, showed up after everyone else had left. Katie was so happy to see him, she bounced all the way across the house to greet him!

It was a fun (but exhausting!) day.

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