My how time flies!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Katie!

My baby turned two today. She *loved* having the Happy Birthday song sung to her. I cannot believe how big she is. And how vocal. And how smart. She spelled her big brother's name today!

I spent pretty much the whole day painting ceilings in the basement (except for the dozen times I had to come up to take care of one or the other or both crying kids), but thanks to the help of our Mommy's helper Kyra, Katie spent the day doing all of her favorite things - painting, Play-Doh, having a picnic and playing in the backyard, sidewalk chalk, swinging, playing ball, going on a stroller ride, running in circles inside the house, playing Chutes and Ladders, eating bananas, watching a video, playing with her Little People...

Thank you Aunt Jena and Aunt Julie and Mimi for calling to wish her a happy birthday! And everyone else who emailed her or sent something in the mail or thought about her!

1 comment:

FloridaWife said...

Happy belated Birthday to Katie!!!!!