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Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate!

My darling Katie,

3 years ago I went in for an OB check and growth scan. The doctor thought your abdomen hadn't grown since the last growth scan 4 weeks earlier, and that you were only 5 lbs at 38 weeks. She sent me to the hospital to be induced. I was supposed to pick MawMaw up at 4, but Mrs. Donna had to do it for me. About 7 hours after I got to the hospital, you arrived after only 1 & 1/4 pushes - very different than your big brother's 45 arrival after 45 minutes of pushing!!!

I was so proud of my beautiful baby girl. And I'm just as proud now of the big girl you're growing into. You're such a big helper to mama, and so good with Benny, who adores you. We all love you very much!

Here are some pictures from your third birthday, which we are spending in Louisiana with Mama's family.

MawMaw and PawPaw gave you and Sam some little chairs, and as soon as you set them up, you demanded that I take your pictures in them:

This is how big Benny was on your birthday - 3 months old and in a 9 month sized outfit!:

We took you to lunch. Mimi came too. You picked Chili's. You loved your corn on the cob, nibbled on your corndog, and shared your chocolate cake with all of us.

MawMaw and Sammy playing the menu games:

Mama (and Daddy) bought you and Sammy a Nintendo Wii today, and told you that you could only use it if you used the potty and not diapers. You both ran to the potty as soon as we got home, and used the potty all afternoon.

Tomorrow is your birthday party, and you are very excited. So excited that you won't go to sleep. Silly girl!

Love you, my darling!

-- Mama
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1 comment:

Kerry said...

happy birthday sweet Katie girl! We love you and miss you (and your brothers and mama!) and can't wait to see you after your trip!

Mama...I hope the potty trips continue for you! If that kind of incentive works for them then yea!!! Zachary is doing well in his own adventures...just need to work on the poop in the potty part!