My how time flies!

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Saturday, April 04, 2009


Once again I am blessed with a baby who knows what he wants, isn't afraid to demand it, and is pretty darn good at making it known.

Last night while the bigs were playing in the tub, I was talking to B on my bed. He kept looking toward the sound of the giggles and splashes. I asked him if he wanted to go see S & K in the bathtub. His eyes got big and he wiggled all over.

So I brought him in the bathroom, squatted down next to the tub, and sat him on my knee. After the 10th or 15th time of him throwing his whole body forward, I asked, "Do you want to get in the bathtub, too?" He squealed an immediate "(Y)aaaaah!" So I undressed him and let him play in the tub with his siblings. I don't think I've ever seen such a happy baby.

(Bonus: I couldn't exactly post the pictures as they were, so enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt!)

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