My how time flies!

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Sunday, November 02, 2008


I waited so long for this to happen, and then never even wrote about it. The last time (I think) Sammy nursed was shortly after we returned from our TX/LA trip in July. Katie did not nurse at all while we were in TX this last time, ~3 weeks prior to that only nursed while she was sick, has only nursed once since we got back. Really I should say attempted to nurse. She seemed to have forgotten how and thought I was a straw. It hurt and I made her quit. (It's not like I have had any milk to speak of for the last 3-4 months, anyway...) She did ask to nurse tonight at bedtime, but then Sammy asked for a glass of chocolate (rice) milk, and she decided that sounded better.

So the year of wishing they would hurry up already, rethinking my AP-style/let them figure out when they are ready to do it weaning strategy... I endured it! And it worked! (Just not on MY timeline...) AND, my prediction that they would wean about the same time, was pretty close to accurate.

Now if only they would start using the potty. Not that I want to rush them into growing up. I just am being selfish and totally not looking forward to 3 in diapers. Although the way Katie is going, it may only be 2 in diapers by Jan. Or maybe I'll do EC with this baby, just so it's not 3. (Doubt it, though. I am too lazy and too schedule-challenged!)


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

I'm so not an AP parent and I consider weaning Loki EVERY SINGLE DAY. LOL. My goal for EBF is 4 months and my goal for nursing morning and night only is 6 months. I definitely cannot imagine any world in which I go past a year.

That said, I'm relieved to read this post, especially the "rethinking my AP self-weaning" part (paraphrased, sorry). Good for you for sticking to your beliefs, even when it was tough, but the part that relieves me is to hear that you didn't love it and want it to last forever every second.

I keep waiting to love nursing, like I hear from other parents, and I don't. It just feels like work and I cannot wait to wean. So knowing that even someone VERY COMMITTED to breastfeeding occasionally waivered lets me know it's okay to feel waivery (is that a word), as long as I keep doing what I've decided is best despite my moments of negative thoughts.

Mathochist said...

Those are excellent BF goals. A lot of people don't even last that long...

I have a lot more to say now, so I'm going to make a new post.

Marie said...

I'll give you a "rah rah" towards giving EC a try. I thought it would be super hard and would require so much from me, but that's not at all how I remember it. You don't even have to make a commitment to do it 24/7 to gain positives from it. Let me tell you, once you get the first couple baby poos caught in a potty instead of a diaper, you start to think to yourself "I'm likin' this!" Sibs can be very helpful in reading cues about when baby is about to go, too. Even though we had a lot of misses while we were actively doing the EC thing, for us it made the diaper phase feel like a momentary blip on the screen.

Nursing, now that's another thing... I'm guessing we'll be close to 5 years for that one to be done!

Mathochist said...

Yeah, I remember a year or two ago you saying you went on a trip somewhere and forgot your diapers, and just decided to do without them. And your girl is a couple months younger than my boy. It sounds nice, not dealing with diapers on a 2, 3, 4 year old... We'll see if it I can do it or it overwhelms me.

My SIL has done it with all 3 kids, w/o really knowing the term EC or that anyone else did it. She just has a poop aversion! But from her experience, I know it really works. Her 9m old is still in diapers, but mostly only for wets, and those mostly when they are out & about, or she is too busy to catch the cues.

It was really surprising how fast Sammy went from nursing 3-4 times a day, to nursing only once a day at bedtime, and then skipping some nights of that. I think it was just a week or three. Definitely less than a month. So it may not be until 5. (Or it may. You never can tell...)

FloridaWife said...

I'm curious to read your follow up posts if you do do EC.