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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Scrapbook stuff: upstairs or downstairs???

I've been reading some of the scrapbook magazines that I took home with me from my MIL's stash. It has inspired me to get more organized with my scrapbooking setup. The last time I had a dedicated place for stuff was when I lived in Cheyenne. That was before the first digit of the year was a 2.

I am waffling between the bedroom in the new basement, and the big dining room on the main floor. The main floor would be better for hosting crops, and working in spurts while I'm working on other things like cooking dinner. But it would be bad because there's not enough storage space for everything in the sideboard, and one of my goals for that room is to have it pretty sparsely decorated like it used to be (before all the stuff from the basement got moved into it). And I run the risk of yet another thing that won't get picked up from my dining room table. If I set up downstairs, I can get pegboards and other wall storage. But then my stuff will get dusty. But I will be closer to where the kids are likely to be playing. But if I host crops (which I want to do, and already have at least 2 people wanting to come), I will have to carry everything upstairs to the big table.

I just can't decide. Any thoughts?


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

This dilemma is exactly why I refuse to buy a house with two stories. When our townhouse had two stories, everything lived in the living room.

(I'm sorry to be no help at all.)

Mathochist said...

I guess I titled this wrong. The delimma is more about which room to put it in, not which level of the house. With the basement, we now have 3 levels. It is much easier to find a decent-sized 1 story house where you are than where we are. Almost everything is 2 story here. That or too small for us. (That is, too small for all my packrat crap!)