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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rave: Space Bags

I don't know what took me so long, but I finally decided to try out Space Bags. Let me just say, FABULOUS idea!

I was able to get all our XS diapers (12 Fuzzi Bunz (new style), 1 bumGenius! AIO, 4 Thirsties wrap covers, 2 Bummies Super Whisper Wraps) into a medium one with plenty of room to spare. Then I was able to get all our Small & Medium diapers (12 sm old-style FBs , 10 sm Thirsties hemp fitteds (discontinued), a dozen sm prefolds, 10 m old-style FBs, a WHAM fitted, 9 m Swaddlebees (pockets) with inserts and doublers, and various stuffers for the pocket diapers) into a Large bag. I may have overstuffed this one though as it isn't vacuumed as tightly as the Med. bag. But they are still taking up less than 1/4 the space they did in regular boxes.

THEN, the completely amazing part - I was able to get our entire wardrobe of baby girl clothes (sizes preemie - 12m) into one XL bag. This is a rather amazing feat, as we not only have all of Brooke/Katie's outgrown clothes, but new ones of Lilly's are thrown into the mix, too. I think this bag might have a small hole in the bottom as I could hear it leaking air as I was carrying it to the closet. But even so, these clothes still take up less than 1/4 space they did in the boxes they used to occupy!!!

They were super-easy to use, just stuff (being careful to stay below the fill line), zip zip, and vac.

I am definitely ordering some more. I am going to have to start saving boy clothes instead of giving them away, you know. And it will be nice to get all my non-maternity clothes tucked into a small corner of my closet. I wonder if my hubby will let me do all those uniforms he never wears, too?
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