My how time flies!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Basement - nearly done

We have passed all our inspections. Just some finishing touches left. A friend is going to paint our Dora-land mural (hopefully some time in the next week or two). Uncle Scott still needs to build our bookshelves and entertainment center so we can move stuff down there. There are a few painting projects that need done - stairs, shelves, etc. Another friend is helping out with those. (I was supposed to do all the painting, but I can't stand the fumes). Laminate needs to go on the stair treads (after my friend paints them with Kilz paint because the dog peed all over them).

The blinds will be installed on Tuesday. The spa guys are coming on Thursday to figure out why the mood light on the tub is not working. I need to get the electricians out to figure out why there's no power to the floor heat in the bathroom. Need to schedule the TV/internet/phone wiring trim-out. Get slipcovers for the love seat and chair, make a pad for the window seat. Tablecloth and chairs for the table...

And then the big thing. I need to figure out where everything goes. I still don't know where I can put my drumset. I don't know if I should get my grandmother's antique (full-sized) teester bed fixed for the bedroom (and buy a new mattress for it as my kids are now using it's mattress), or get a bigger (much less tall/won't scrape the ceiling) bed to put down there. I don't know where to put the blue lounge chair. I don't know if I want to buy a desk or just use tables I have for my craft area in the bedroom down there. Then there are the million boxes that I'll have to unpack and figure out if/what to keep and if so, where to put it. This job totally overwhelms me and makes me want to go play ostrich.

Meanwhile, here some pictures of what it looks like today:

The kids' area (right off the stairs). The white wall is where the mural is going. All but the 1 huge Dora wall stickers will then go on the mural wall. I plan to put a row of hanging hooks (maybe with a shallow shelf on top) below the huge Dora, for dress-up stuff.

I plan to do another row & column of these cube shelves after the mural gets painted. The top of them are currently the height of my head (5'). Since they are square, I supposed that is how wide they are, too.

These kids haven't touched Mr. Potato Head in ages, but when I brought him down to his own box/spot in the basement, suddenly he was the most interesting toy in there! (Well, except for the Legos.)

I don't know who hung the giraffes like this, but it looked pretty funny....

We instituted the new rule last night for the basement - only one toy (set) out at a time, and you have to put that away before you get a different toy out. Sammy has been really great about complying, when he remembers to, or is reminded. Katie needs to work on it a bit.

The "big kids' area" (entertainment center going on that left wall)

Bathroom. The grout messed up in one corner of the sink counter. (I hope I can get a small amount in the right color to fix it, and not have to buy another 25 lb bag!) I need to clean the grout off the purple walls. And Scott needs to put the medicine cabinet in. Other than that, it is pretty much done.

After I took these pics, I decided to hang the shower curtain. Also, Jeff hung robe/towel hooks on the door last night. One is even low enough for my short Mama to reach.

Bedroom. The 3 drawers for the built-in are done, but 1 needs a second coat of paint. And I need to find drawer pulls for them. I may move the papasan into the big room (will need to get a cover or different color pad) and put my drumset in that corner.


FloridaWife said...

Wow! THAT is a great basement!! I like what you did with it. So cool having Dora on the wall.

Mathochist said...

Thanks! I had help picking the colors, because I am decoratingly challenged. ;) And my brother did most of the work. But I do love how it is turning out. I just wish it was totally done so we could really move everything back in down there, and have the rest of my house/garage back! ;)