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Saturday, February 23, 2008

New PJs

Sammy and Katie got new PJs from my cousin and his wife for Christmas. My mom hand-delivered them, which is why we are just now getting them. Sammy's were only a 3. I was afraid he might have gotten too tall for them in the last growth spurt he had right before Mawmaw showed up. Luckily, they seem to fit. Or at least, he didn't complain about them pulling on his shoulders. Katie's 2 is a bit too long for her, but hopefully that means she can still wear them first part of next winter, too.

Katie loves new clothes. Especially if it has pink in it. I was suprised she consented to wear anything that didn't let her toes out, but her love of new obviously overshadowed her hatred of hidden toes. She also seemed to like that she and brother were (sort of) matching.

Sammy has gotten VERY tall! His sister is trying to catch up, but I doubt she ever will!

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