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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

40 Days for Life

This is an awesome, ecumenical ministy that is seeing lots of fruits from their prayer and fasting. Please consider joining them in some way, even if only as a prayer partner.

Here is the email their prayer partners received yesterday:

I have NEVER been more hopeful about seeing theend of abortion than I am today! The phones have been ringing off the hook and we have been pounded with e-mails as media outlets, Christian and pro-life leaders, and people acrossthe country are wanting to know more about the 40 Days for Life that kicks-off in 59 cities across 31 states TOMORROW, Wednesday, February 6. All morning and afternoon I've been fielding interviews with Focus on the Family, the USA Radio Network, and numerous local newspapers and radiostations. Over 275 people have already posted prayers andencouragement on the last 40 Days for Life blogupdate. And I can honestly say that I'm AMAZED at theintense level of excitement about this spring40 Days for Life campaign...

...All because people of faith and conscience arewilling to take a courageous stand to end abortionin our land through:

* 40 DAYS of prayer and fasting
* 40 DAYS of peaceful vigil outside abortion facilities and Planned Parenthood centers
* 40 DAYS of local pro-life outreach

There are many blessings in store for you duringthese coming 40 days, but I wanted to give you anadvance "heads-up" about one of them...

Each day, from February 6 - March 16, you willreceive a short daily devotional with a prayer intention, a scripture passage, and a reflection,to help focus and unite your prayers with those of believers across the country and around the world. These inspirational pro-life messages are for all Christians, and have been written by influential clergy and leaders, including:

* CARMEN PATE, Point of View Radio Talk Show * KEVIN BURKE, Rachel's Vineyard Ministries * FR. FRANK PAVONE, Priests for Life * REV. JOHN BROWN, United Church of Christ * REV. ROB SCHENCK, Faith and Action * GEORGETTE FORNEY, Anglicans for Life and Silent No More Awareness * DENNIS DIMAURO, Lutherans for Life * RANDOLPH SLY, National Pro-Life Religious Council * FR. TERRY GENSEMER, Charismatic Episcopal Church for Life * ERNEST OHLHOFF, National Right to Life * REV. J. KIRK VAN DER SWAAGH, Conservative Congregational Christian Conference * REV. BEN SHELDON, Presbyterians for Life * REV. CLENARD CHILDRESS, Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN) * REV. PAUL STALLSWORTH, United Methodist Church * VERA FAITH LORD, Alpha/Omega Life Ministry

I know you will be blessed by these devotionals,so look for them each day in your inbox!

Now, on this Super Tuesday -- and the day beforethe Christian season of Lent begins -- here are5 things YOU can do to help end abortion:
1.) Pray for God's will to be done throughout this 40 Days for Life effort from February 6 through March 16.
2.) Forward this message to everyone you know, asking them to sign up for e-mail updates and the 40 Days for Life devotionals.
3.) Commit to pray and fast (at whatever level you feel called) for an end to abortion during each of the 40 Days for Life.
4.) See if there is a 40 Days for Life campaign happening near you. If there is a nearby location, click on the link to visit their local web site and find out how you can get involved locally.
5.) During the 40 Days for Life, share your stories with me of how you see God at work through the 40 Days for Life effort, so I can share them with others and we can celebrate what God is doing. Send your stories to

Let's work like it depends upon us, and pray likeit depends upon God -- because it does!

Your Brother in Christ,
David Bereit
National Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

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