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Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Little Update

We've been hiding!

No, not really. Caught the flu last week. Knocked us out starting Friday. FOR A WEEK!

That same Friday, Rachel and family arrived from NM. What a time to visit. Rachel got FIRST PLACE in both her skating competitions in Pueblo and I was too sick to go see it! MawMaw and PawPaw arrived Tues and have been taking good care of us. We gave Rachel's Dad the flu. And our dad came down with it last night. I hope nobody else gets it!

Katie and her godpapa (Rachel's dad) and Rachel reading a pop-up story book.

Katie on day 2 (worst day) of the flu, would NOT be put down, and I had to make gumbo for David since I had promised and he was leaving the next day. (Then he caught our flu and didn't even get to enjoy it!) Katie actually took 2 decent-length naps in the mei-tai (carrier), probably better than if I had left her sleeping solo on her bed, so it was really good that I thought to put her in it. I was glad I'd forgotten to send it to Jena to use with Little Lilly (new neice, born 1-15). It is a custom from Annabear Babyware.

Katie spent most of the past week hiding from MawMaw and PawPaw. When she doesn't feel well, she apparently wants mama and her house all to herself. No sharing allowed. One time I realized that Sammy was watching a video, and Katie was not attached to me or calling for me. I couldn't figure out where she was. Or why she wasn't watching the video too. Then I figured out, she WAS watching it. In the privacy of her very own little house, where she didn't have to worry about anyone else seeing her. Little monkey!

(Yes, that is the "kitchen sink" she is sitting in!)

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