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Monday, November 26, 2007

Train Ride through Royal Gorge

(This was my first attempt at using Picasa to post photos here. I was extremely disappointed to find that you can only post 4 at a time this way. Who only takes 4 photos???

There are lots more photos, which I no longer have, because my external hard drive died. I will be able to get copies back from my mom's CD when she comes to visit next month. I was going to delete this post, but since it's here and edited, I might as well share the 4 pics I do have. Hopefully I will be able to add the rest later.)

My parents and grandmother came out for Thanksgiving. The weather was mostly terrible, but we did get to enjoy a train ride through the Royal Gorge on one of their glass-topped cars. It was a little pricey, but it was pretty. We would have missed half the view in the regular cars. The kids, of course, loved it.

My parents, Mona & Steve, a.k.a. MawMaw & PawPaw
My dad's mother, "Mimi"
Katie and Dad, filling out our lunch menu.
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