My how time flies!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leap Frog Academy

If we were to name our homeschool right now, that is what we would have to call it!

I bought some of the Leap Frog videos (thanks, Stephanie, for the recommendation!!!) for the kids, intending to open one now and save the rest for Christmas.

Sammy watched the first one about 20 times, then asked for a different one. (By this point even Katie was singing along with the sounds the letters make!) Sucker that I am, I gave him the next one thinking that would suffice. But when it was over he remembered there was another one, still! Apparently little elephant-memory man knew how many I had bought the day before! So we opened this one, too.

I somehow managed to convince him there were really only 3, so I could put the last one away for Christmas (shhh!).

These are, of course, in addition to all the other Leap Frog toys they have and love:

(We also used to have the Spanish Learning Drum, but it got drummed with real sticks and eventually cracked.)

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