My how time flies!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

A LOT of photos

Here are some of the people we visited while on our trip. These are in no particular order (certainly not chronological!)

We visited Roomie

We visited Addie and her parents

My high school buddy Bianca moved about 5 miles away from my parents' house. We were happy to see her and meet her awesome kiddos, Ethan and Eva. Katie made up her own sign for hold, wrists together and up, to let us know she wanted to hold the baby.

Dakota, his big sister Chelsea, and his MawNan came to visit us at MawMaw's house, and kept us up way past our bedtime. (And we enjoyed every minute of it!)

Mason came to visit us, and met us at Studio Rouge to take portraits (will be posted later)

Cousin Cameron came to play with us at Maw Maw's house

And we visited him at his house. His mom and dad were working, so Aunt Donna was there taking care of him. Granny came with us. It was quite a nice day! Except for the excessive heat and humidity! We all loved Aunt Donna's garden. (Christmas present hint -- ) I just wish I'd had a good zoom lens to get the photos I really wanted.

We visited Mrs. Rosann and Mr. Ray, and went swimming in their pool. Katie, as I expected from her reaction to Grampy's pool, wanted nothing to do with it. Sammy OTOH is a little fish boy! By the time we left, he was jumping into the water from the side of the pool.

Of course we visited MawMaw and PawPaw and Uncle Scott. PawPaw's hat was a big hit, as was the "house" under the computer table. Uncle Scott is lots of fun (so much that we took him home with us for a while, and want him to come back soon!) PawPaw took us for a wagon ride, and we loved going outside on the deck.

We visited Ander and his mommy and daddy. He is a real cutie!!! You will notice he is picking at his toes. Poor baby had hand foot and mouth disease (although nobody knew it until the day or two after we left). Katie ended up catching it from him, which made for a terribly hard and fussy trip back home. She also passed it on to Sammy and me, which made our first week back home not so fun either!

And we also stopped at Grammy's on the way back home.


Marie said...

All very cute pics. Looks like everyone's been having lots of fun by you!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Love the ones of Katie with the flower, she's so cute - just like her big brother, they are adorable. Also liked the sepia one of them with a snack on the kitchen floor wearing their fireman hats. cute.