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Monday, July 09, 2007

Louisiana Agenda

I am starting to get confused with all the people I want to see, people who want to see me (or really my kids), people who will be offended if they don't see us.... So here is my attempt to sort everything out.

I am having a really hard time carting the kids around to see everyone - they are super cranky and don't like being in the car (go figure after how long it takes to drive here!) Plus you have to factor out the 3 hours in the middle of the day that they need to be napping (including time to drive home so they actually will nap) and that we need to start winding down for bed about 7:30 or 8. And the fact that Katie is not doing well in group settings, but will mostly warm up to people if there are only 1-2 new people at a time.

So... if you want to see us and can possibly get yourselves out here instead of us coming to you, it would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated. And if you want to get in on this agenda, comment or email me. (I would love to see you, but at this point am so overwhelmed and not sure how to fit everybody in, I'm probably not going to bring it up myself.)

Tues - Visit Mimi 11-1, help dad replace garbage disposal, visit mom's neighbors pm
Wed - photos with my kids & Roomie 10 am @ Studio Rouge and then lunch, Swimming @ Ms. Rosann's ~4
Thurs - Visit Bianca in am; Granny, Donna, & Cameron in afternoon
Fri - Visit mom's friend Cindy and her grandkids (?am), Visit Sarah (pm)
Sat - Mass @ 5:30? 6?
Sun - gathering w/ Daddy's family @ Nanny's (afternoon/evening)
Mon - ?Play at Cameron's?
Tues - Maybe leaving this day
Wed - Daddy's birthday (And Kerry's too!)- definitely leaving today if we haven't left yet. (Possibly depends on Granny's blood thinner check)

Who/what needs to be fit into the agenda:
Debbie whenever she can, Wendi Gayle if I can get ahold of her, Aunt Kim, cousin Aimee, Granny's sisters, parents' neighbors, Amanda, Ms Nancy & Brande & Dakota???, buy and put together shelves for my mom's living room, take down the perpetual Christmas tree, plan trip home & coordinate w/ brother & people we plan to stop to see

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! You can't possibly fit all that in and still be breathing! I'll have to check a few things & I'll get back to you. Good luck with all that!