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Monday, July 09, 2007

The Catch-up blog

Haven't been spending as much time on the computer, what with all the travelling. Lots has happened though!
  • You already saw (or can see below) the photos from the family gathering early last week
  • Celebrated mom (MIL)'s b-day on Friday
  • Wished Grandma (MIL's MIL) a happy b-day (Sat)
  • My now out-of-warranty laptop developed a row of dead pixels. :( (Still useable but annoying!!!)
  • After a week of being there, Katie finally let her grammy hold her the night before we left!
  • Left Grammy & Grampy's Sat lunchtime, Daddy headed north (for home/back to work) and we headed south. Stopped in Pearland (Houston) to visit my Roomie for about 3 seconds. Or at least that's how short it seemed to me. Didn't get to do much but tend to kids, although I did get to meet her fiance and see her wedding dress. Forgot to ask her how she got so skinny. She looks fabulawesome! (I couldn't think of a regular word to say how great she looked, so I had to make one up. Just for you, Roomie!)
  • Tried to attend Mass with her family Sunday morning but the kids were just too grumpy and we ended up spending half of it in the nursery (of course I was not allowed to leave... couldn't really hear the speakers for all the kid noise, so I read the readings on my PDA and hoped God counted my effort for something!) and the other half of it exploring the grounds.
  • Got to see Todd, Amanda, & Addie in League City
  • Didn't get to see TJ, Ellen, & Aiden because we passed through Sulphur too late (very sad about that one! Hope we can catch them on the way back!)
  • Got to MawMaw's last night
  • Had an unfortunate encounter with a bleeping rodent after a 5am potty trip, have been awake ever since (and am considering taking the kids and staying at someone else's house if the stinking little thing isn't caught and expelled!).
  • Visited with (the other) Roomie, Mason, Aunt Donna, Granny, & Cameron this morning. What a SWEEEEEEET baby!!!
  • Visited Ms. Rosann & Mr. Ray this evening, plus stopped a minute to say hi to MawMaw's Keno buddies.
  • Katie is playing super shy around anyone new this trip, except that if you offer to take her outside, you are automatically her new best friend.
  • Sammy will say hi to, and eventually hug, anyone we ask him to. And seems to have a homing radar for the "toy room" no matter what house we go in. (Although he doesn't seem to get the concept that some houses don't have them.)
  • Katie started walking (apparently that's going around her crowd... Morgan, what about you, baby???)
  • Katie is about to sprout 2 more bottom teeth any minute now. And has the crankiness to go with it.
  • Though fondly about Aunt Julie, whose b-day is today. (We celebrated her b-day last week when we were all together.)

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