My how time flies!

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hoarders, part 3

Here I am in my brokenness. The bare-naked, butt-ugly truth that is my mess.

I haven't seen the top of my desk since sometime in the Fall of 2009.

The basement is, as always, a disaster. I'm surprised we haven't lost any kids in there yet!

The laundry facilities. Not good, but they have been so much worse.

Our "shoe bench" that no one has ever been able to sit on, in the 2+ years we've had it. As you may have guessed from the pile of stuff in front of it, some days we are lucky to even get to it.

Our homeschooling shelves look nice and neat and organized...

...but good luck getting to them!

We haven't seen the kitchen countertop in at least a month.

The map that the kids keep knocking over and leaving on the floor. And the old picture frames that need new pictures and a home on the wall.

A basket of WHO KNOWS WHAT that has plagued various rooms in my house for the last 2? 3? years. (Victory note: I went through half of this basket with the help of my housekeeper, and found the title and lien release to my husband's car which has been lost for... 3 years?)

My dining room table, which is almost never clean to eat on.

The hallway that is almost always littered with something. Or many things.

The pathway to my bedroom, littered with toys.

The countertop in what used to be my husband's bathroom (off his computer room). It should now be my kids' bathroom. If only their lazy (overwhelmed) parents would get their crap outta there!

The usual state of the kitchen sink. Although the dishwasher runs 1-3 times per day here, we are perpetually 1-2 loads behind.

The cluttered cookbook corner.

More lost kitchen countertops.

The inside of my bathroom cabinet, which has been 1/3 emptied by a little monkey who left its other contents all over my bathroom floor.

Two boxes of random crap that I cleaned up from the bathroom counter & floor. Oh how I wish I was one of those people who could just dump the contents into the trash instead of having to go through them all!

My bed. In my defense, I usually do try to keep it cleaned off, and this particular day was using it as a staging area to bag up things we're not currently using like outgrown kid clothes and maternity clothes. (Yes, my baby is 13 months old and I have not put away the maternity clothes yet.)

My bedroom floor. I can barely move around in here.

If you were to go upstairs in my house, you might think I was a collector of porcelain shoes. However, if you were to ask me about them, you'd find out the truth. The collection belonged to my grandmother. They were very special to her. I ended up with them and feel too guilty about keeping them around, but also too guilty to let them go.

The banister top, which in theory should contain nothing. (Yes that is toddler art on my wall. From the 2nd toddler. It's been there at least 2 years.)

A box of random junk just inside my bedroom door.

The nightmare that is my closet.

The bathroom countertop, after I cleaned 2/3 of the stuff off of it.

So... now you can see why I'm at the end of my rope. Yet, I still struggle mightily with throwing anything away. Even though I am reasonably certain there is peace on the other side. (There is, isn't there?)


Kerry said...

Bless you for posting. I know it took courage to do so.
I have piles and boxes of random assorted who knows what, but I guess the difference in my house is that for the most part those are hidden in closets and in the 4th floor basement that no one, including the dogs, goes unless they HAVE to. I'm blessed with an anal organizing husband...but that in itself is also a curse.

I'm guessing too that you took those pictures during the weeks you were all sick because when I was there yesterday that kitchen counter/island was CLEAN!!! And the house, while brimming with toys, was clean. The past 3ish weeks I've been very lax in cleaning my house, but the dang dogs have helped clear up any toys left outside the safe zone. DANGIT!

Mommy said...

Have you read "It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff"? I really liked it and it has made it easier for me to get rid of stuff.

Mathochist said...

Kerry, thanks. The photos are from the 3rd week of Feb. Yeah the kitchen looked better day beforev yesterday,but it's lost again. And almost every other spot looks worse. Except for my bedroom floor.

Mommy, no. But I am in the process of reading a bunch of other books which I will comment on as part of this series. Thanks for the tip. I put it on hold at the library. (My giving up FB games for Lent and consciously limiting the rest of my FB time has given me time to actually read books again. Amazing!)

Alicia said...

Oh so what! It's not that bad, and you have to chose perfect house or a good life with your kids." I lost that mentality eventually. I confess my house is not much better. Have you seen the book "Unclutter your life in one week" or something like that? I've read half of it, but have to wait for my foot to heal to put it into action. She has some GOOD tips. I personally am going to break it down into a longer time, because it is not intended for anyone who has kids or stays home. She does three jobs a day, before work, AT work, and then when you get home. No where does it advise what to do when you have kids who will undoubtedly make the job take twice as long, and also mess up half your work. For example though, day one you organize your closet before work, do a gross organization of your office AT work, then organize your entry way when you get home. I'd be lucky to do one of those three in a day, but luckily any true work related ones are removed from my life.

Anyway. It truly could be worse, and all you can do is work on it.

夏天天氣嗎 said...


Mommy to Ander and Loki said...

I need to go through my house and do the same, so you can feel better. Or, um, at least less alone! :)

Christine said...

YAY TO YOU! loved it. tfs!!!

also, i have a super fun idea about your shoe collection and I'd LOVE to help you with it. Let me know if you are interested and we'll chat :)