My how time flies!

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


"A fish and a turtle are going to be eaten by a whale. Yonah is going to be drying off by a fire. And the turtle is trying to save his brother from the whale. There's a bunch of... well, a pelican is landing on an island. This bad guy (bottom right-hand corner) is wanting to stop Jonah with his magic wand. A whale is spraying water out of his blow-hole. These fish are going to get its brother while it's eating lunch. So I tried to get all the crystals. It was the only way to stop the bad guys. Because they were afraid of light, and all the crystals had light. If he collected them. That's a door (upper right-hand corner). And it has a crystal behind it."

"It's a bunch of bad guys over here. They look mean, but they're kind of friendly. A few of them have spikes. But this one (right side) has a taaaaaalll spike. And this (middle) is a silly one. He has no feet, and he only flies. This one (left) has flying feet and a tooth sticking out of his mouth and one eye. And so does this one (middle). He looks like him, incept he is looking blue instead of red. This one (???) has a few spikes, but not many spikes. This one (top left) has a magic wand poking out of his head."
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Ashleigh said...

I LOVE it! I think it's Jonah meets Dora & the crystal kingdom. Worthy of an art gallery!

Mathochist said...

Yes! Crossed with Mariposa meets Super Mario Brothers.Wii :)