My how time flies!

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Adventures in King Cake making

What do allergies and living in Colorado have in common?

Neither are conducive to getting a good King Cake when you want one. (Plenty of yeast, dairy, & eggs in there.)

We tried to make our own tonight. I used this cinnamon roll recipe (subbed whole grain spelt flour and rice milk) and pinched the ends together instead of cutting out the rolls. Then we made the frosting out of powdered sugar and rice milk, and colored organic cane sugar with food coloring (I know, I know!!! But it's a King Cake!) for the toppings.

The results were pretty, but left a lot of room for improvement taste-wise. I think we will have to try again tomorrow! :)



Can't wait to eat it!

Can't let the extra frosting go to waste!

We couldn't stop handing out slices until SOMEONE found the baby!

Sammy wanted to make sure Katie had a turn at the baby, since he got the one last year.
(Or so he says. The post says otherwise!)


Sharon said...

Looks like fun! Bubba and I made King Cakes (our recipe made two) yesterday. I know you're not going to believe this, but I didn't take pictures. One of them I put a cream cheese and cherry filling in..... YUMMY!!!!!

Mathochist said...

Oh, I can believe it. You get so busy having fun with the kids, you forget you might want to remember it later! BTDT!