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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm in semi-big trouble, and I need your prayers

Or ideas. Or both.

I might have mentioned before about pulling a muscle in my arm back on the crazy trip, and it not healing.

This was back in April or May. It is still not healing. And on top of that, I keep re-injuring it. My left arm. The one I would usually hold the baby with so I can do things with my dominant hand.

It has gotten bad. It hurts to move it, period. Some days, like today, it hurts even when it's still. My doctor and my LMT both told me, if I don't stop using it and let it heal (which they both estimated would take 8-12 weeks) that I will injure it permanently.

I have honestly *tried* to stop using it. But I can't. Sometimes just rolling over in my sleep pulls it again. The other night I lost my balance, fell, and had to catch myself with it.

I thought about putting it in a sling. I probably need to put it in a sling. But holding it (even with it resting) crooked hurts, while letting it hang there doesn't. Then I thought about putting a sock on my hand so I'd remember not to use it. But I can't stand having my fingers covered.

I just can't figure out how to function without using it at least a little bit. The laundry I figured out. But do you know how hard it is to put clothes from inside a top-loading washer on the right, into a front loading dryer on the left, with your right hand? Try it sometime. I can't wash dishes one-handed. Yet. This one I could probably figure out with practice. But... I can't change diapers one-handed. Have you ever tried to snap a cloth diaper on a still baby with one hand? I have tried, on several occasions, and I can't do it. Now how about a baby who's trying his mightiest to roll over and crawl away from you? I can't for the life of me figure out that one. I just don't think it can be done. What about a 20+ lb baby who can't get up and down stairs by himself. I have to pick him up and carry him with me any time I change floors.

The Beco has been helpful. If the baby needs held for more than a minute, into it (on my back) he goes. One night we went somewhere and I forgot it at home, so I put him in the ring sling. He was sitting on my left hip, and my arm wasn't involved in the sitting or holding him at all. But somehow that injured my arm worse, AND pulled my shoulder out of place, too.

AND, I'm using the other arm so much (95% of the time), that IT is starting to hurt, too...

I'm at a loss. I can't clone myself. My husband can't (or won't) pick up the slack around here of any of the things I can't do, except for carrying the baby the once or twice a week we might actually go somewhere together. Our closest family member lives 12 hours away. I have friends, but.... who I don't expect any of them could or would want to come spend all day with me to snap diapers or carry the baby behind me for the next 3 months.

I am fresh out of ideas. If you have any, please send them my way. Thanks!


Mommy said...

I've got two cents:
1st cent: put you arm in a sling, offer up the pain and think about how much worse it will be if you permanently injure your arm and have to do this forever.

second cent: Can you get a mother's helper or cleaning lady to pick up the slack?

Mommy said...

i had one more idea... contact your church. Is there an Elizabeth Ministry or something similar? maybe there is a youth who needs service hours?

Misty said...

i so feel your pain. that was my life when i broke my left elbow. i had my arm in a brace but i had to beg the dr for that, to protect it. i couldn't do any of the things you mentioned for a month. i got thru it by only doing what i had to do for a month. by then, my arm felt better, but i still had to take it easy. take care of yourself! you are important!!! remind your hubby of how much med bills will cost if you end up in a bad way. ask anybody for help who will help, even for an hour.

FloridaWife said...

I'm at a complete loss. I know how difficult it is to change a diaper on Raffaele. However, if I catch him when he's watching TV leaned up against the ottoman, he's calm, and I could probably wedge him up against the ottoman to keep the one side up while I do the other side with my good arm, and then both sides will be done. Maybe come up with a creative solution for diaper changing? As for dishes, do you have a dishwasher? I know it can get expensive, but your arm MUST heal. Just use a dishwasher. Laundry - I know it's awkward, but what else can you do? Maybe take them out and put them into a basket first, then slide the basket over to the dryer? And, I think putting it in a sling will prevent you from using it.

As for picking up the little ones, that's a tough one.

Good luck.

FloridaWife said...

And I realize those are just a few examples that you threw out there.

Leah said...

As a therapist, my response is, Why hasnt your doctor referred you for therapy yet? If it is not healing, there are lots of things a physical or occupational therapist can do to help facilitate the process. Ask your doc for a referral! Love you!

Mathochist said...

Thank you all for your responses! I did get a sling, as well as a big Ace bandage, and some Tiger Balm. I've been using the last 2 almost all day, the sling occasionally, and it has really helped. Having my arm bent in the sling makes the muscle tight and contracted so I don't do it all day long. (This is what I meant by it hurting... I just don't see how it could possibly heal when it is so tight.)

I do have a cleaning lady, but she can't change diapers for me all day long... The service hours idea is a great one, though! I'm sure I could find someone in the homeschooling group, or in Confirmation prep.

We are visiting family right now. Hubby has been helping with or doing most of the diaper changes and baby carrying. It is feeling much better already.

Thank you again for the ideas and concerns.

Alicia said...

Have you asked about any kind of brace? I had an arm situation that wasn't as bad, but was similar and they had a brace they threatened to use on me. They said either I had to learn to not move it certain ways, or I was getting the brace.

If you need a sling then use a sling! And if need be let the house slide some until you're better. Florida Wife's idea for the laundry sounds useful.

Right now I'm on crutches with a a ankle brace (severe sprain) and Blu just knows I can't carry him or pick him up. If he wants to snuggle he has to come to me, and climb into my lap while I sit down. Just tell them that you have a boo-boo and need help and understanding. It's worth a shot right?

And tell your hubby he's being a selfish idiot. LOL

Mathochist said...

(an update)

And the biggest healer of all... The baby starting to walk!