My how time flies!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Potty users!

We have been doing some serious "potty training" this week.

Sammy has been sleeping in underwear for the last week, and hasn't used a pull-up since he used the last one also about a week ago. After the double-accident afternoon at Zachary's on Monday, the couple of times we've gone out, we've put a PUL diaper cover over his underwear, and we haven't even needed it! He has even used public potties (although he was super-scared the first time, I made him do it at a restaurant so we could go to Costco afterward, and he did great!)

Katie wore big kid undies out of the house yesterday, and also to bed tonight for the first time. I heard her telling her Daddy before bedtime that she was a big girl, and was going to wear big girl underwear, and "no moy dih-pehs an-nee-MOY!"

Today was also our first day with no accidents whatsoever!!! I am so excited!

I am also thrilled at the smaller amounts of diapers I've been having to wash. When they have it down pat, lil' Benny might become an EC baby! ;)

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