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Monday, June 01, 2009

Photos from the "crazy trip"

Sorry I haven't gotten around to posting these yet... Click on the thumbnail to get to the album.

On the way to Louisiana, we stayed a couple of days in TX and played with the kids' cousins.
2009-04-14 Grapevine, TX

The reason for the trip to Louisiana was my grandmother's family reunion.
2009-04-19 Braud Family Reunion

At the reunion, we explored outside of the KC hall and found a cool bridge to run across. So I grabbed my camera and tried to get a few good shots of my kids. And I'm not sure I ever succeeded...
2009-04-19 Kids on the bridge

Later that afternoon, we went back to the other side of that bridge to a very cool park to visit my LSMSA & LSU classmates Kristy & Alan, and their too-cute-to-be-real boys Ander and Loki.

The next weekend we had Katie's 3rd birthday party at the community center in my parents' town. Then we were on our way for phase III of the crazy trip.

After leaving Louisiana for MD, we stopped for the night in Montgomery, AL. The next day we visited longtime (back to LSU & Cheyenne days) friends Todd & Amanda, and their girls.
2009-04-28 April Montgomery, AL

We stayed a couple of days in Virginia, where The Daddy was working, and got to visit one of my Cheyenne friends on the beach.

The reason for the trip was our friend Jeff's wedding. Afterwards we visited John & Misty's family in MD. (And we were all very sad to have to cut that visit short when Sammy reacted very badly to their cats.) You won't see any pictures of John, though. He mumbled something about work and took off on a plane somewhere. Figures!
2009-05-05 Bowie, MD

On the way out of Virginia I stopped to meet one of my internet friends from the awesome Catholic Infertility list I joined almost 6 years ago, and her girls. They were super-nice, and we had lots of fun! The whole time I was there, I just kept thinking how good God is, with so many little squealing, happy, playful blessings running around, given the circumstances under which Jennifer and I "met."
2009-05-06 Lynchburg, VA

Then we made the stop in Huntsville.

We took a slight detour into northern Mississippi to visit longtime family friends Steve and Cathy, and their son Ben.
2009-05-09 at Steve and Cathy's

On Mother's Day, my dad took his entire family out to dinner at Mike Anderson's. It was crazy, crazy, super-fun!
2009-05-10 Mother's Day

There was a lot, lot, lot more of visiting family and friends than I have represented here. Since I am just now getting around to posting this, well, don't hold your breath. This is not exactly the season of my life where I have time to get done everything I want to get done. Thanks for understanding!

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