My how time flies!

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Recycling crayons

How this idea escaped me before, I don't know. But when I stumbled across it (while searching for Thomas the Tank Engine images, of all things!) I was very happy to have something to do with our bits and pieces of broken, dull, chewed crayons!

Crayola crayons melted much more evenly. The leftover restaurant crayons tended to separate into different layers, and were very stinky.

They were a big hit, and are now the first thing the kids reach for when it's time to color.
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Ashleigh said...

how long did you bake these & at what temp? I wanted to do this a while back.

Mathochist said...

300 degree. 15 minutes, but I think that might have been too long. The as soon as they are liquified, take them out. I think the longer they are liquid, the more the colors will melt into each other.