My how time flies!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Amazing Benny

Benny has mostly suspended his public speaking endeavours during the past week or two in favor of gaining some new physical feats. Today he clapped his hands for the first time, and crawled. (Well, "crawled" is a relative term in this house. Perhaps I should call it forward mobility instead...) For those of you who have seen my house, he made it from in front of the half-bath door, to the bottom of the stairs in the dining room. It took him 15 minutes - mostly because every 4 inches he had to stop and clap at himself - but he did it all on his own!

He also has the annoying habit of arching his back while he's sitting on your lap, so that he falls feet first onto the floor, and then turning his head up to look at you as if to say "We goin' strollin'!!!" I was NOT ready to be walking a baby around the house yet. Why is he in such a hurry?!?! ;)

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