My how time flies!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Randomness

We have caught someone's cold. Good thing it's spring break so we don't have to miss yet another music class.

I am thinking about getting this computer. It is on sale for $150 off. Then my kids could have my old one, which has to have so much stuff attached to it, it is no longer portable. Did I mention all 3 of our computers are broken? The Daddy's is totally dead, needs a new motherboard. The kids' won't even turn on. (And is mine from 9 years ago, Windows ME, and they can't see any of their online sites on it anyway.) Mine has to stay cool to run. You'd think I could take a hint. But no, I'm going to buy a new computer. And get the Grampy to fix Daddy's, and my old one. If he can.

Benny can sign. And has been for ~2 weeks. In his own new baby gross motor movement way. I thought I was crazy and making it up, but the Daddy has seen it, too. And Julie says she thought Matthew (10 days younger than B) was doing it, too. So I am not discounting it any more. If Benny wants to be picked up, he flaps his right arm up and down while keeping his left one still. I have also seen him practicing pointing his index finger in his sleep. If he wants to nurse, he clenches his fists tightly. (Sign for milk/nursing is to squeeze your fist open & closed several times... like you're milking a cow.) He started doing these things after us using the real signs on him only once or twice. It's pretty amazing. They say babies don't get the signs until they are ~6m. Sammy started signing milk/nurse at 3 or 4m, a couple of weeks after we started using the sign with him. It's completely amazing how smart babies are.

Grampy is coming to spend Easter with us, then ride back to TX with me to kick off my "crazy trip." CO-TX-LA-MS?-AL-??-VA-MD and back. Grampy will ride as far as LA with me and then rent a car to visit his BIL in AL. My mama's going to ride to MD & back to LA with me. Then I'm on my own with the kids back home. Unless I stay until June and wait for my neice to get out of school. That's just a little too long for me, though...

We'll be having K's b-day party in LA this year, since that's where we'll be. I don't know where yet. It will probably be Sat 4/25. Mark your calendar if you are in the BR area. :)

Instead of "hop aboard," Katie says "hop on da boid!" It's cute. She also says "Wook out piwwow! (pillow)" instead of "Look out below!" when she jumps off things. Ususally she's jumping onto a pillow, so it actually makes sense. It cracks me up every time she says it.

Katie watched a Blue's Clues tape last night, and somehow the tape got wrapped around one of the heads or something. Won't come out. Won't play. I'm going to have to take the VCR apart now. Lucky me.

Sammy has a thousand "carrots" and still will only use the potty about once every 3 days. Yes that's an improvement, BUT.... The other day he asked if I'd buy him a video game. I said yes, f he'd make one poopoo on the potty, I would buy him a video game. Thinking about a Wii Fit. And not letting him play it any day until he's made poops on the potty that day. Is that mean? Can't be nearly as mean as making mama clean 3 poopy butts and wash diapers all day long.

On the bright side, Sammy has gotten really helpful lately. He cleans up toys that he didn't even play with.

I need to get on some kind of allergy meds before I head south, or I'm going to be too miserable to parent my kids. Which will be very bad since the Daddy will be elsewhere. I wonder what the natural-types do for seasonal allergies. That won't dry up the magic mama juice. I know frequent megadoses of vitamin C... But what else?

I'm going to use disposable diapers on the trip. Or at least the LA-MD & back portion of it. Don't say it. You know how much I don't like it. I have given up hope that anyone will be potty trained enough by that time to make a difference. And I want to visit people, not be tied to a washer/dryer 3+ hours a day.

What else?

Oh, the boys had checkups last week. Sammy got a referral to a speech pathologist and mama got a handout on handling toileting resistance. Benny has gained 5 lbs in 2m.

And I need to get of the computer and be a real mama. (See you on Facebook in 10 minutes. LOL!)


Mommy to Ander and Loki said...

A few things...

Hope we get to see you that week. Alan will be working crazy hours, so I'll probably be a work widow.

If the WiiFit bribe works, I'm so copying you!

And there are diapers out there now (maybe Next Generation? I'm not certain of the name) made of recycled and better for the environment materials. They probably aren't that much better than Pampers, but it's something.

Mathochist said...

Seventh Generation. That's what we used last May when we went to the LLL reigional conference. We will probably start with those, and end up with whatever we can find at whatever grocery store is nearby wherevfer we happen to be when we run out...

He still hasn't made the first poop on the potty. I'm bummed. I really want to get a Wii Fit!