My how time flies!

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Monday, August 18, 2008


It's sooooo close. We have 3 weeks until we get the next houseguests. Can it get done? (Well, it could if it would get worked on consistently. Or for more than 3 hours at a time. But don't get me started. I am pregnant have no patience right now!)

Baseboards are up in the bedroom closet. We still need shelves in here. (Not sure why the blue walls look purple.)

Closet door up in the bedroom/craft room. Border is up too. Still need baseboards, trim around the emergency tub pump access panel, and to build the drawer unit into the hole. And put in the window stools. And put the door to the hallway up.

Bathroom tiling is almost finished. Still needs grout. And then that needs sealing. And a door. And then the plumber needs to come install the fixtures, etc. And a mirror picked out and hung. (Yes, this room is supposed to look purple.)

The hallway. Needs baseboards. And cleaned out!

The big room. Needs rest of the cabinets installed & trimmed, countertop (picked out and) installed, window seat built in, mural on the kids' wall, window stools, baseboards, shelves built and installed. And a mini-fridge picked out. And the plumber to intall sink, fixtures, garbage disposal, & the nasty loud upstairs dishwasher (so I can get a quiet one up there that actually cleans dirty dishes and not just pre-scrubbed ones!). And it obviously needs a MAJOR clean! Oh, and the stairs still need carpet ripped off, sanding, painting, and glueing on the laminate to the treads. And the handrail put up at the bottom.

Then we need the sound/wiring guys to come put our "home run" in and do their top-out.

Oh, and blinds for all the windows.

Then, I think, we will be done.

I am not sure how much of this is not necessary for final inspections. But I will find out, because I just don't think all this will get done in 3 weeks. And we need to have it inspected before we have people staying in it!


Marie said...

Hold it. Basements aren't supposed to be pretty -- are they?

It looks amazing to me! just as is!

Kerry said...

I just saw it a few days ago and've gotten a lot done since then! I hope you can get the inspection done in time for guests...but then again they might not want to leave - it's GORGEOUS down there!!!!!

Mathochist said...

Marie, I think it depends on the area you live in. And how old your house is. And for us resale value is always a consideration.

Kerry, I think you are mistaken. Not much has been done since you were here. Just the floor tiling. Oh, and I guess hanging 3/4 of the cabinets. And these guests (Rachel & family) it's actually OK with us if they stay for a while. ;)